Trojan horse, Virus and worm difference

mputer Trojan:

Trojan does not generally cause any damage on the host machine but acts more like an ability to allow the hacker entry to the host machine from which he or she can launch future attacks. For example, the hacker infects the host machine via a java script or such file when the user accesses a malicious website, the javascript then executes itself allowing access to the infected machine for the hacker.

Computer Virus:

Computer viruses attach itself to a program or file and spreads from one PC to another. The virus does not affect the host machine unless the virus infected file is opened. Most such virus infected files are .exe executable spread as attachments via email.

Computer Worm:

Computer worms are more sophisticated than the virus such that it not only damages the host computer but maintains a copy for future damage and also usually has intelligence built into it to execute without requiring the user to actually open the infected file. example: in an infected machine it could email itself to all names in your address book.


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