Robust File copy tools

Copying large number of small files over network may not properly work. There are many tools available for robust file copy.

1. Robocopy – Robust Copy. Its Microsoft’s tool built in Vista and 2008 and there after. command line only

Copy directory contents of A to B (including file data, attributes and timestamps), recursively with empty directories (/E):
Robocopy C:\A C:\B /E

Copy directory recursively (/E), copy all file information (/COPYALL, equivalent to /COPY:DATSOU, D=Data, A=Attributes, T=Timestamps, S=Security=NTFS ACLs, O=Owner info, U=aUditing info), do not retry locked files (/R:0)(the number of retries on failed copies default value is 1 million), preserve original directories’ Timestamps (/DCOPY:T – requires version XP026 or later):

Robocopy C:\A C:\B /COPYALL /E /R:0 /DCOPY:T
Mirror A to B, destroying any files in B that are not present in A (/MIR), copy files in resume mode (/Z) in case network connection is lost:

Robocopy C:\A \\backupserver\B /MIR /Z

2. RichCopy – Its a free Microsoft tool but GUI. Not supported by Microsoft though.

3. SyncToy
Another GUI tools from Microsoft. Although Robocopy and RichCopy are more advanced than this one.


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