Temporary profile issue (local profile)

How to resolve temporary profile issue (local profile)

Temporary profile issue

Temporary profile issue can cause a number of issues:

1. User may face share access issue through names

2. User may not save their settings (desktop wallpaper etc)

To counter this,

1. Goto C:\Users\ and rename the profile which is problematic. If the profile folder is not listed, skip to 2.

2. My computer -> Properties -> Advanced settings -> User profiles -> Make sure the profile is not listed. If listed, delete it. Make sure the user log off from the machine. If the profile folder is not listed, skip to 3.

3. Open registry and export a backup, goto HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList

4. Click the entries which look like this for example


In the right side, you should see the name of the problematic account. If yes, delete the entry in the left side.

5. Restart the server

6. Now you should be able to login without temporary profile


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