How to increase C:\ drive disk space in Windows 2003 VM

You cannot increase the C:\ drive of a Windows 2003 VM like Windows 2008 VM. Disk management would not work.

You need to download a utility called Dell Expart

  1. Download the Dell expart from above link and place it in the server (say server X) where you want to increase the disk space
  2. Increase the C:\ disk space for the VM in the Vcenter. If you have added 5GB
  3. Now login to the server X and open disk management (My computer -> Manage -> Disk management) and refresh it. Make sure you are able to see it
  4. Open command prompt run as administrator
  5. Dell expart utility
  6. Issue the following commands
  7. extpart
  8. C:
  9. Mention the size in MB (5000 for 5GB)
  10. Now open My computer and refresh it
  11. That is it 🙂

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