Page file

Ideally the Pagefile should the size of the Physical RAM+100MB. If the Pagefile is setup equal to the amount of RAM there is a good chance the dump file gets corrupt.

Page or Paging file uses a portion of HDD to execute apps when the availability of RAM is less.

Even if the RAM is higher than the actual usage, page file is still needed. One example is to store  “Crash dump” file. The crash dump file contains copy of computer memory at the time of crash just like black box of a plane.

My computer -> properties -> Advanced system settings -> Advanced

crash dump location setting

crash dump location setting 2Above screenshots from a Windows 7 Home premium machine

There are different types of crash dump files in windows

page fileComplete Memory dump:

Complete memory dump is not possible if a machine is having more than 2 GB RAM. BUT can be possible by modifying registry.

If a machine has 8GB of RAM and fully utilized at the time of crash then we need 8GB free space for the crash dump file.

Kernel Memory dump:

Usually takes one-third the size of RAM space. Kernel memory dump is usually more than enough for most troubleshooting and for developers.

Small memory dump:

Contains very little info about blue screen info, loaded drivers, process info & kernel info.

Automatic memory dump:

This is the default option. Contains same info as Kernel dump.

Crash dump locations:




How to read dump crash files ?

Download Nirsoft’s Blue Screenview and also WinDbg (Microsoft).


Kernal dump size


< 128MB – 50MB

< 4GB – 200MB

< 8GB – 400MB >=8GB – 800MB


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