High RAM usage due to corrupt VMware tools

Sometimes you may find your VM with increased RAM usage. Even though the number of processes consuming RAM is quite less. This is most probably due to the VMTools or corrupted VMtools on the VM. You cannot see this in Task manager -> Processes. But you will see increased RAM usage graph in performance tab. It is not possible to discover this RAM usage using traditional Task manager. You have to use special tools such as RamMap (From Sysinternals)

Download RamMap from here: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/rammap.aspx

Driver locked refers that Vmware tools is using appx 8GB of RAM

Vmtools size

Uninstall the VM tools to see the difference. In fact the difference is enormous.

This is before the Vmware tools uninstallation:

VM before vmtools uninstall VM tools after uninstall

Above is right after VMware tools uninstall. You can see a sudden reduction in RAM usage.

VMware tools uninstall some times could corrupt the VM and may need a repair. This happened to one of our VM and repair fixed the issue.

VM repair


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