Vmware – Extend vCenter volume and Shrink vCenter database

I. Extend vCenter volume

1. If possible login to vcenter with ssh and run df –h to determine which volume is full

2. Locate the vCenter vm by logging into ESXi hosts with vSphere client or web client and checking vm inventories.

3. Add additional HDD space on the vCenter vm with the vSphere client.

If there are any snapshots on the vm the option to add HDD space my by greyed out and disabled so you will need to delete all snapshots first before you can add HDD space.

4. Download the gparted boot .iso from gparted.org

5. Boot the vcenter vm to the gparted .iso

6. Use gparted to extend the volume…this may take some time.

7. Reboot the vcenter vm

8. Connect to vcenter vm with ssh and run df –h and you should now see the volume has been extended.

II. Shrink vCenter database

1. Login to vCenter with vSphere windows client (not web client).”

2. Select administration – vCenter server settings

3. Highlight Database Retention Policy

4. Lower the number of days under “tasks retained for” and “events retained for”

5. Optionally you can lower the logging level if the database is growing very quickly by highlighting Logging Options.  Make sure it is not set to Trivia or Verbose.  Information (normal logging) or Warning (errors and warnings) should work for most situations.


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