Unable to connect to the MKS: The operation is not allowed in the current state

MKS error

MKS error

There are multiple MKS errors. MKS generally means, the input we give via Vcenter is unable to reach the VM. To resolve this issue. Login to the ESX where the VM is hosted and reload the .VMX file of the particular VM.

/vmfs/volumes/50ceaf07-7c469eaf-21d9-00221941cda8/QA2-CDSSII01 # vim-cmd vmsvc/getallvms

Vmid          Name                                     File                                     Guest OS          Version   Annotation
308    dev2-ark04           [BEVM_S5_DS4] dev2-ark04/VacantWIN2K8R2.vmx                   windows7Server64Guest   vmx-09
333    qa2-fstore01         [BEVM_S5_DS3] qa2-fstore01/qa2-fstore01.vmx                   windows7Server64Guest   vmx-09
335    qa2-limp07           [BEVM_S5_DS4] qa2-limp07/qa2-limp07.vmx                       winLonghorn64Guest      vmx-09
338    qa2-exporter02       [BEVM_S5_DS3] qa2-exporter02/qa2-exporter02.vmx               windows7Server64Guest   vmx-07
340    dev2-hpsdweb03       [6A_F5_BEVM_RSTR06] dev2-hpsdweb03/dev2-hpsdweb03.vmx         windows7Server64Guest   vmx-09
342    qa2-vulproc01        [BEVM_S5_DS5] qa2-vulproc01/qa2-vulproc01.vmx                 windows7Server64Guest   vmx-09
349    dev2-exporter02      [BEVM_S5_DS2] dev2-exporter02/dev2-exporter02.vmx             windows7Server64Guest   vmx-07
358    dev2-hpsdweb04       [6B_F5_BEVM_RSTR06] dev2-hpsdweb04/dev2-hpsdweb04.vmx         windows7Server64Guest   vmx-09
372    qa2-anl07            [BEVM_S5_DS4] qa2-anl07/qa2-anl07.vmx                         windows7Server64Guest   vmx-09
378    qa2-wkstn06          [BEVM_S5_DS5] qa2-wkstn06/qa2-wkstn06.vmx                     winXPProGuest           vmx-09
393    DEV-SIMTESTEL32-64   [BEVM_S5_DS5] DEV-SIMTESTEL32-64/dev-simtestel32-64.vmx       rhel6Guest              vmx-08
395    Dev-RSIP64-02        [BEVM_S5_DS2] Dev-RSIP64-02/Dev-RSIP64-02.vmx                 rhel6_64Guest           vmx-08
398    DEV-SIMTESTEL32      [BEVM_S5_DS4] dev-simtestel32/dev-simtestel32.vmx             rhel6Guest              vmx-08
404    Dev2-cdsproc01       [BEVM_S5_DS2] Dev2-cdsproc01/Dev2-cdsproc01.vmx               windows7Server64Guest   vmx-09
411    dev2-template01      [BEVM_S5_DS2] dev2-template01/dev2-template01.vmx             windows7Server64Guest   vmx-07
413    qa2-eventloader01    [6C_F5_BEVM_RSTR06] qa2-eventloader01/qa2-eventloader01.vmx   rhel6_64Guest           vmx-08
414    qa2-limpperf         [BEVM_S5_DS1] qa2-limpperf/qa2-limpperf.vmx                   windows7Server64Guest   vmx-09
415    qa2-gin03            [6C_F5_BEVM_RSTR06] qa2-gin03/qa2-gin03.vmx                   windows7Server64Guest   vmx-08
416    QA2-CDSPROC02        [BEVM_F5_DS1] QA2-CDSPROC02/QA2-CDSPROC02.vmx                 windows7Server64Guest   vmx-09
426    QA2-CDSSII01         [BEVM_F5_DS2] QA2-CDSSII01/QA2-CDSSII01.vmx                   windows7Server64Guest   vmx-09
430    qa2-socmail          [BEVM_S5_DS3] qa2-socmail/qa2-socmail.vmx                     rhel6Guest              vmx-09
431    hpsd-dev-03          [BEVM_S5_DS4] hpsd-dev-03/hpsd-dev-03.vmx                     windows7Server64Guest   vmx-07
433    dev-apachesolr1      [BEVM_F5_DS2] dev-apachesolr1/dev-apachesolr1.vmx             centos64Guest           vmx-08
437    dev2-anl02           [BEVM_S5_DS1] dev2-anl02/dev2-anl02_NEW.vmx                   windows7Server64Guest   vmx-09

/vmfs/volumes/50ceaf07-7c469eaf-21d9-00221941cda8/QA2-CDSSII01 # vim-cmd vmsvc/reload 333

/vmfs/volumes/50ceaf07-7c469eaf-21d9-00221941cda8/QA2-CDSSII01 # vim-cmd vmsvc/reload 426

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