Windows (PowerShell) scripting – Inevitable happened !!!

Looks like an inevitable happened. One of the reason I become a system admin and not a programmer is because I was very bad at programming during my college days. However, the current trend is if you are into system administration then scripting is a must have skill.

Check most of the job descriptions and you will find some form of scripting is needed. I hated Linux because of the command line but Windows is now more into commands with the PowerShell. Every new version of PowerShell encompasses more and more commands, more functionality and then there is Server core. It is a Windows server without a GUI. So there is no escape for people like me atleast in the future. However, unlike traditional programming languages, PowerShell is a lot more friendly (AFAIK).

I trying to learn PowerShell. If you are in my state and want some encouragement, the below link is worth a look…


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