Troubleshoot a slow VM

There are following reasons for a slow VM:

  1. Check the CPU, RAM and HDD meets minimum requirement for the OS installed on the VM.
  2. Check CPU, RAM and HDD usage on the VM. CPU and RAM can be checked using Task manager -> Performance. To check which resource uses lot of resource, click Processes tab in the Task manager. You can sort in ascending or descending order based on the resource usage.
  3. Check the Network speed. Try to ping the VM and note if there are any latency or ping drops.
  4. If you are trying to access a VM in Vcenter console, make sure the VMware tools is installed on the VM. Without VMtools, working on Vsphere consoel will be very slow.
  5. Low CPU, RAM and HDD allocated for a VM that has a modern OS and needs more resource.
  6. If the HDD is having lot of activity, low CPU and RAM would only reduce the speed. Make sure to add adequate resource on these VMs.
  7. Checking whether any of the following are happening on the VM:
  • Altiris patch scanning
  • Symantec Endpoint Protection or other AV scan
  • Windows update installation

8. Other rare cases includes, high resource usage caused by Virus / Worm.


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