Logoff users in servers using Qwinsta and Rwinsta command

Qwinsta and Rwinsta are Windows commands to identify remote users (connected, disconnected state) and logoff them.

Qwinsta – is used to identify the remote users. Symantec is QWINSTA /server:servername

It is important to note that the ID is the key. We can logoff remote users with RWINSTA or logoff command.  In the below screenshot, I have used logoff command to logoff a user called regatin on a remote server (testserver1).

Logoff syntax:

logoff <<usersession ID>> /server:servername

ex: logoff 5 /server:winfileserver10

Rwinsta syntax:

Rwinsta <<usersessionID>> /server:servername


Qwinsta 1

More details



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