Symantec EndPoint Protection Upgrade guide 12.1 RU6 MP1 to 12.1 RU6 MP5

First download Symantec Endpoint Protection from Symantec Fileconnect. To download, you need to enter the Serial number of your Symantec endpoint Protection.

Symantec Fileconnect link:

Pre-requisites for SEP upgrade:

  1. Enable local authentication on SEP Manager Console. You can create local login credential in SEP manager console. That account will be replicated to replication partner server (if you have).
  2. Remove any replication partner in the SEPM primary server before the upgrade.
  3. Space required for SEPM upgrade: 3 times the DB on disk. Have around 50GB of free space on the drive where SEP is installed.
  4. Take a clone of the SEP server before the upgrade as a safety measure.
  5. If you have two SEP Manager server, you need to first remove the replication partner, upgrade them separately and then you need to add them as replication partner in the SEPM console.

Sym file connectSteps

  1. Remove replication partner in the SEP console manager. In the SEP console Manager -> Admin tab -> Servers. Right click the Local Site for options to remove replication partner.

sep upgrade 1

  1. Stop Symantec endpoint protection manager service in services.msc
  2. Now goto the download folder and Execute SEP’s setup.exe file as shown

sep upgrade 2

sep upgrade 3

sep upgrade 4

sep upgrade 5

sep upgrade 6

sep upgrade 7

sep upgrade 8

sep upgrade 9

sep upgrade 10

sep upgrade 11

Here uncheck this option. Otherwise it will download the updates during installation and it will take long time to finish the upgrade.

sep upgrade 12

sep upgrade 13

This completes the upgrade. If you have another SEPM server and that is replication partner with the primary server then upgrade that SEPM server with the above steps. Once done, re-add the secondary SEPM server with the primary SEPM server as replication partner.

That is it.


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