How to paste images into Microsoft Word with 100% size

One of the problem I encounter with Microsoft Word while creating document (documentation, Knowledge base etc) is pasting images into Word is always a problem. The exact problem is, Word bloat (increases) the image and reduces the sharpness.

‘The Stig’ wallpaper in my laptop.

With a snipping tool, I have selected a portion of the Stig wallpaper and pasted in on Microsoft word. As you can see the size is increased (Word document viewing is set to 100%). This makes the pasted images in word lacks sharpness. You don’t want this in your documentation.

100% size problem 4


100% size problem 1


Using a ‘middle program’ solves this problem. I am using (free applicati0n) for this. Let me explain.

Copy the desired area with snipping tool -> paste it in -> press Ctrl + C

100% size problem 2

Now paste it in Word.

I dont know whether you can see this or not but the pasted image size in the Microsoft Word is 100% and no more bloated image.

100% size problem 3


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