Windows Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)

Today afternoon my Windows 7 laptop suddenly posted Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) screen. So I thought it is a good idea to learn about it and post it in my blog.


Screenshot from:


BSOD is usually caused by Hardware issues and System software (drivers, OS etc) issues. Ex: RAM is not properly inserted into the DIMM Slot. Newly installed software that causes issues for example Bluetooth drivers.


Most of the time the system gets up and running after a restart for software issues. For Hardware issues, remove and clean the RAM / HDD, blow air into DIMM / Sata inputs and re-insert RAM / HDD.


If you carefully read the BSOD screen you can see the cause of the issue. In case if you missed it and after the restart if your machine is working. You can check the dump file using NirSoft BlueScreenView application.

NirSoft BlueScreenView application.

This is a free software and I downloaded it from

It is a Zip file. Just download and unzip and execute it. It would not install. It automatically picks up the dump file and list the error. As you can see crash happened to my laptop was due to Bluetooth system file / driver.



Install Microsoft Debug Diagnostics 2 update 2 (as of Jan 2017 this is the latest version) to analyze the dump file.



Now right click and open it by selecting “Analyze Crash/Hang issue”. DebugDiag will open it via Internet Explorer.



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