dcdiag – Directory Server Diagnostics

FRS – File Replication Service

DFSR – Distributed File System Replication

Windows NT OS – Windows New Technology Operating System

NTDS – New Technology Directory Service

NTDS.DIT –  New Technology Directory Service. Directory Information Tree

ntds.dit is Active directory database name

NTLDR – New Technology Loader – New Technology

ndtldr and along with boot.ini are windows boot files.

AD – Active Directory

IIS – Internet Information Service

NETBIOS – Network Basic Input/Output System


ITIL – Information Technology Infrastructure Library


ESX – Elastic Sky X. VMware ESX came with Service console.

ESXi – Elastic Sky X Integrated. In ESXi VMware removed the Service console.

DRS – Dynamic Resource Scheduler

HA – High Availability


BCP – Business Continuity Planning