To set IUSR permission for a domain, you must know what IUSR is for the particular domain. To find out the particular IUSR for the particular domain. Follow the steps:

IIS -> Domain -> Properties -> Directory Security -> Authentication and access control -> Edit -> Authentication methods: Here you can find the IUSR name in the username area. ex: IUSR_690

Server application unavailable error: Permissions missing on domain folders can lead to this error. If its a plesk based error, you can remove the applications and try reinstalling it.

IIS -> domain -> right click and open -> Properties -> Security:
> Add Asp.net (aspnet), Network service
> If still not working, Add application pool user permission to the domain. To know the application pool user, IIS -> domain -> right click -> properties -> directory settings -> application pool -> note the pool name.
> Now IIS -> application pool -> right the particular application pool -> properties -> note the name.
> Now give permission for that particular user to the domain.
> If still gives the same error, give IUSR permission to the domain. Follow step 1 to do this.

FTP issues
My computer- > manage -> users and groups -> check whether the particular FTP user is disabled or not.

If you still encounter errors, check event viewer


If domain asks for username and password to browse it,

1. Open IIS -> properties -> Directory security -> Authentication and Access control -> Edit -> Authentication methods -> Change the IUSR password in the 2nd text box. (ex: 1q2w3e4r)

2. My Computer -> right click -> Manage -> Computer management -> Users and groups -> Find that IUSR -> Right click and set the new password (ex: 1q2w3e4r)

Note: If the user is disabled, enable it.


Following things are needed to generate CSR

1. Country Name:
2. State or Province Name:
3. Locality Name (eg, city):
4. Organization Name (eg, company):
5. Organizational Unit Name (eg, section) []:
6. Common Name (domain name.i.e: http://www.domainname.org) []:
7. Email Address:

CSR generation

create a CSR without removing your current certificate in IIS

Certificate installation



SMTP log files


Webalizer other statistics logs

IIS -> domain -> website -> right click -> open -> You can find account name / logs

ex: e:\billgates\logs

IIS logs

IIS -> domain -> properties -> Website -> properties -> Log file directory -> ex: c:\hslogfiles\www

FTP logs




Hsphere update

1. Download Hsphere hashgenerator

2. Open cmd prompt -> goto the location where the hash generator is located
3. Example: Assume that you have downloaded hashgenerator on the desktop

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\HashGenerator>hashgenerator pa$$w0rD

4. Now update this password on Hsphere configuration file. This is usually located in C:\Program Files\HSphere\Config\hsphere.config

5. Now open computer management by Mycomputer -> right click -> manage -> users -> right click user “hsadmin” and change password for that user as pa$$w0rD

6. Now open Hsphere admin panel -> servers -> physical server -> check

Now install the update


Download Hsphere hashgenerator



Status:    Connecting to… (sample IP)
Status:    Connection established, waiting for welcome message…
Response:    220 Microsoft FTP Service
Command:    USER administrator
Response:    331 Password required for administrator.
Command:    PASS ********
Response:    530 User administrator cannot log in, home directory inaccessible.
Error:    Critical error
Error:    Could not connect to server

If you encounter this message while connecting via Filezilla,  reset the FTP password in plesk. IF plesk is not available, change it in the server



Important php files


1. info.php contents:


info.php is used to view the php properties of a domain. ex: ibm.com/info.php. This will show the php version, enabled or disabled components etc.

If a php based site does not contain the info.php, you can add this file with the contents to that domain.

2. php.ini
This resides in a site. With this we can enable / disable services. Where info.php is only used to view the services enabled or disabled.<ins

If the php.ini file is not available for a domain, you can copy and paste the php.ini from the server/ other source to that domain. It will work.

3. Index.php
Index.php is usually the homepage of a PHP based site.


php mapping for a domain

1. IIS -> domain -> properties -> home directory -> configuration.

map regular php exe files to a domain and this

“C:\Program Files\HSphere\3rdparty\PHP\PHP5\php-cgi.exe”
uncheck verify the file exist

* Usually php5isapi.dll or php4isapi.dll is mapped. You need to map .php, .php3 and .phps for a domain via IIS. All these three needs to be mapped to  php5isapi.dll or php4isapi.dll.


If the Plesk name service could not start in the server. Then there is a duplicate entry in the named.conf file

c:\program files\ swsoft \ plesk \ dns\ var\ named.conf [ not exact link but similar to this… ]

1. Backup the named.conf file
2. Check for duplicate domain entries
3. Remove one duplicate entry and save the file
4. Now restart the plesk name service from the taskbar [plesk manager – like that]

A sample DNS records taken from the H-sphere control panel
<a href=”http://gokulakrishnang.files.wordpress.com/2010/07/dns1.png”><img src=”http://gokulakrishnang.files.wordpress.com/2010/07/dns1.png&#8221; alt=”” title=”dns” width=”614″ height=”406″ /></a>


plesk dns error – named.conf incorrect entry




Manual container migration

Named.conf error

IIS q and a

Error while accessing domain. MsAccess db error:-
> Download the database from the server and then select “compact and repair the database” in it
> Reupload the database to the server. Rename the old database to prevent conflicts.
> Domain will work without any issue.

Error: “Directory listing denied”
> Index / home page was not set in the Control panel.
> Index / home page is not available in the server.
> Check both and it will work.

Server Application unavailable error
> Assign permission to the domain files / folders. Assign ‘Network Service’, ASP.net [aspnet] permissions.

Server Application ‘/’ unavailable error
Application pool gets stopped for that domain.

> Check whether the ASP.net is enabled or not.
> Change the ASP.net from 1.1 to 2 in the panel. If still error exists, change it to 4 in the server [Note: Domain code should be written in ASP.net 4].
> Start / restart application pool for the domain

Under construction error
domain may be stopped in the server
Default page may not be set in the control panel. If the domain uses Hsphere, enable the Directory index and enter a default / home page in it.

Site produce “Under construction error”
In the IIS -> domain -> status “error: The parameter is incorrect”
This error occurs within IIS 6 when you try to start your web site and it has not been assigned to a valid application pool.
This usually happens when the default app pool has been deleted.

Plesk Name Server service refuses to start and all domains are down in the Windows server.

Incorrect entry in the swsoft\plesk\dns\etc\named.conf (ex: D:\Program Files\Parallels\Plesk\dns\etc\can lead to this problem. named.conf is an important file. Even a small space or full stop (period) in it will make the Plesk name server service unable to start. In otherwords, all the domain will go down with an incorrect named.conf entry.


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